Porn ban In India : truth vs hype

The pornban in 2018, November yet again exposed the poor standards and lack of investigation of Indian press and TV channels. Facts with timeline: September-27 Uttarakhand HC judges file a suo-moto PIL. Judges noticed a spat of Child-On-Child-Sexual-Abuse cases. The investigating officers report also revealed culprits have watched porn videos before commiting crime. HC asks […]

Updates on SC PIL for action against circulation of rape videos in India

Prajwala – an NGO working for saving human trafficking victims, went to SC with 90 rape videos, on a pendrive. Chief justice took suo moto cognisance and admitted a PIL (diary number 6818, year 2015) for taking action videos of sexual violence in India. Resulted in setting up of Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children website for […]

Revenue from app : moving to {free+ads} or premium

Filternet app has completed 20 months on Android Play Store. We tried many techniques, videos, price changes($5 to $20) but the retention stays poor. Users remove the app, once they see a 7-day FREE trial ending in choice for purchase. Many users have asked over phone, ‘free nahin hai’ ( Isn’t it free? ) Now I […]

Filternet Foundation : 1st day

Filternet Foundation is registered on 4th-October of 2017, as section-8 Pvt Ltd company. CIN: U72900UP2017NPL097517 What it can do for you? Helpline +91-7570000787 Anyone can report child porn rape porn videos revenge porn (blackmail or revenge using nude picture or intimate video) Our team maintains a database of such sites. We try our level best to block […]

Porn sites : closer look and what to ban

1. Tool in hand of perpetrator Porn sites can be broadly classified into two category: 1. Professional and respectable content – by this I mean movies and pics which are shot in studios, professional photographers and most importantly consent of actress/actor. An easy to understand and judge criteria for this, is expressed by Erica Lust […]

List of porn sites provided to Supreme Court (porn block PIL)

When? The list of 857 websites was given to PIL petitioner Kamlesh Vaswani for PIL in SC porn ban petition – Diary 5917, year 2013 on 17th-October,2014. Why? Honourable Supreme Court Chief Justice has said in this case “law can’t be helpless”. Govt was finding it ‘technically impossible’ to block such content. As a concerned […]