iNetClean – protects your family browsing by monitoring web site content. It allows the good and keeps out the bad. Your family especially kids can use the Internet as a resource for homework and fun without fear of accidental exposure to inappropriate material.

This plugin or add-on is suitable for chrome book or chrome browser on your desktop / laptop.

Comparison chart

Features iNetClean Other add-on
Blocking of pornographic websites yes yes
Blocking of adult web pages from social media such as facebook, tumblr yes no
Always on Google safe search yes no
Monitoring mode yes no
E-mail alerts yes no

icon_kid_safety Features
Adult Sites: Blocks all adult / porn-based / nudity / video sites in real time.
Adult Pages: Selectively filters adult content based pages from ALL kind of websites (including social media, youtube, magazines, etc.). There is a rising trend of adult pages on social media such as facebook, iNetClean detects and blocks them.
Google Safe Search: Curious kids can see a lot of adult content in Google search results in the Web / Images / Videos sections. iNetClean enforces safe-mode all times (Always ON condition). This also prevents them from finding new adult sites.
Flexible Filter Options: Choice is given to select filter options to suit your preventive needs.
By-Pass mode: If a non-adult web-site is blocked by mistake, you can view it by activating By-pass mode. This activation requires password authentication. Hence it can be done only by the registered user.
Monitoring mode: This moe is very useful to detect browsing habits in family. Especially for higher age children and spouse.

bell-alarm-icon Reports and Alerts
Notifications: Daily report through email about user attempts to access –
(a) blocked sites,
(b) adult content based pages on normally good sites,
(c) Google search results containing adult content,
(d) general advisory guidelines to protect your family members exposure to adult content.
Alerts: Installation and Un-installation alerts are sent through E-Mail if watch dog is installed along with the internet filter.

icon_multi_language Languages supported
– English
– Hindi (both Devanagari and Latin scripts)

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