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In a time when the world seems to be raising voice for the equal rights for women, what world seems to fail at is the realisation that ‘equal respect’ is equally important.

For more than a decade, porn has been depicting women as an object of physical pleasure. Now consider what impression does it make on the mind of a teenager about women. They too will start deeming women as an object of physical pleasure.

We believe porn-ban can reduce rapes upto 80%. Our organisation has been fighting to bring this injustice to an end for years. We created an app for parents to keep their children safe from the hazard of porn.

We fought porn-ban PIL in Supreme Court along with Mr. Kamlesh Vaswani. When his plea was about to get rejected on the ground of lack of technology, our team came forward and provided the technical support and required technology which resulted in nationwide porn ban. But this was only a short time success until the mighty telecom companies got the ban lifted for their commercial benefits.

So the bottom line remains, women can never get the respect they deserve till Porn is present in our society.

We still are fighting the case in the Supreme Court with full faith in judiciary, while we continue to contribute to the cause through our app.

We came across several people who also wanted to contribute in some way to the cause but felt helpless due to their busy schedule. This gave us the idea and inspiration for this donation platform.

Now none of you have to feel helpless.Take a step towards creating a new world where women possess the respect deserve. Donate to us and we will put your money for the good cause.

Now is your chance to be a part in the building of a better world. Contributing to a better world is just a click away from you.

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Suresh Shukla
Filternet Founder