Filternet Foundation : 1st day

Filternet Foundation is registered on 4th-October of 2017, as section-8 Pvt Ltd company. CIN: U72900UP2017NPL097517

What it can do for you?

Helpline +91-7570000787

Anyone can report

  • child porn
  • rape porn videos
  • revenge porn (blackmail or revenge using nude picture or intimate video)

Our team maintains a database of such sites. We try our level best to block them across India with help of Govt agencies.

What it means for filternet mobile app?

Filternet mobile app will get transferred to the foundation from Karpa IT Solutions LLP in future.

Filternet mobile apps will add more features of cyber security for home users.

How we plan to run the NGO?

  1. We intend to support operational costs with services that we provide.
  2. We accept donations from Indian citizens through Paytm on 7570000787

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