8-month-old molested?

Parents of a 12th standard student called me. They requested that I motivate their son to study well. I interacted with son. When I checked his mobile, I was surprised.
He had seen adult sites starting from A-Z all alphabets !!!

As he opened up little more, he said – ‘Now I want to try all this with a girl.’

Its not the first time that a minor enacts what he has seen on adult websites. I am worried that he doesn’t harm a minor girl. Not another #metoo story!

  • After watching porn videos, a 13-yr boy molested a minor girl in neighbourhood. [1]
  • After watching adult content on Xbox, a 12-year old molested his own 7-year old sister. [2]
  • Internet is full of videos of forced sex and rape videos. The videos corrupt the mind of viewer, as it clearly show how to overpower a girl. How she might try to save herself.
  • A common pattern is mobile video recording of rape. This is powerful tool to silence victim. Girls is threatened with video circulation in nearby population.
  • Sadly such videos are circulated widely. NGO Prajwala appealed to Supreme Court with 90 such videos. PIL was started, but government has not taken a single step in last 3 years !

What to do? How to stop all this?

Prime minister can block adult sites for entire nation.

Chief minister can block adult sites in state.

  • In 2015, 857 adult sites were blocked for 5 days.
  • Telecom companies  mobile data-pack sales dropped sharply.
  • When teenagers watch these videos, lot of data is consumed.
  • Companies started losing business of thousands of crores everyday.
  • To protect these companies business, Cabinet minister re-opened 857 websites within 5 days.
  • Kids are watching them now. Even school teachers, principals too!

बहुत हुआ बेटी पर वार
अब रोके मोरी सरकार

#pornban ‘truth’ hidden carefully

Year Incident
2009 Laws available to block adult content on internet available

IPC 292, 293, 294

IT Act 67A, 79(3)(b)  [3]

2013 After Nirbhaya gang-rape, a PIL is filed in SC to block adult site across India. #pornfuelsrape
Oct- 2014 Govt of India was provided a list of 857 adult sites. Govt didn’t block them for 8 months.
2014 Telangana state govt made a special committee for actions needed to safeguard women. [4]
2015 Telangana govt was provided with technology and method to block in state. All officers agreed. But when IT minister talked to telecom companies, loss of revenue came up. After a closed door meeting, minister took U-turn. No site blocked till date. [5]
1 st August
After stern warning from SC, 857 websites sere blocked pan-India. [6]
Most telecoms followed the blocking order. Only Airtel and MTS(now Reliance) didn’t block any site. [7] [8]
Telecom companies started losing thousand of crores daily [9]
5 अगस्त
To protect then govt of India’s minister pitched in and re-opened 857 websites after 5 days. [10]
TV channels and newspapers maintained a silence. Some reported it in thin columns in corner.
2016 Delhi Chief Minister was informed of state govt telecom regulation powers and requested to block sites across Delhi (infamous rape-capital). Delhi girls could have been saved. All documents and ruling were provided. No action till date. [11] Meeting pics [12]
2016 SC ordered GOI to block adult sites and said
Nation can not experiment with children in the name of personal freedom” [13]
2017 75% of India’s internet traffic is pornography report
+ Unquantified porn traffic in WhatsApp groups (reported viewers include Teachers, Doctors, PSU officers, Policemen, officers, Politicians)
2018 Moms are scared for their daughter’s security. They are avoiding any chance of leaving daughters alone at home. They are selecting schools more carefully. Less shopping, less job taking. Economic survey 2018 hints this. [14]

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