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Janta Malik mobile app is an effort to strengthen democracy across India. It is a public agenda platform, where public issues will dominate.

It fills the gap in journalism (TV/newspaper/online channels) where public agenda is ignored and media agenda dominates. Years of media agenda has widened the gap between Janta and elected representatives. Media has favoured Neta over Janta, leading to weak Janta and strong Neta.

Janta Malik app aims to restore Janta as Malik (master). When citizens are aware and asking good questions to representatives, good governance is bound to follow!

Janta Malik app addresses three things

  • my vote – at a click of button you can call, email or get address of elected representatives. Saansad is launched, Vidhaayak and Parshad (in-making).
  • my note – taxes paid to Center / State and Municipality. You can read the tax-money(budget) spending in easy to understand format.
  • my issues – App captures the issues neglected by mainstream media. For-profit media agencies avoid topics which hurt-people-but-benefit-bigshots like industrialist or politicians.

It is started in 2019-Jan at Filternet Foundation. First version was launched on eve of Republic Day.

It’s becoming popular in young and old both! Users are writing to us with their problems through the app (from cleanliness, road to ease-of-doing-business).

GOI Budget spending is the most enlightening portion of app. Download the app now!

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