what next

1. You may install DNS filter in WiFi at – home / school / college / office. Contact us at support@filternet.in for more details.

2. Every state / country govt has telecom regulation powers.

They can do these two very important requirements in crime against women:
a. Give option of clean or dirty content for every mobile or broadband connection in country (example UK).

This will let mothers and fathers choose what is right for their kids.

b. Block rape and revenge porn sites for everyone within state / country.

Men are watching these videos and learn how to overpower a girl during rape. This prepares viewer to handle target.
But poor girls are unaware of such videos and even more helpless in such a situation.

Plus video recording during a gang rape, is guarantee of victims silence. Fear of video circulation to everyone is very big.

Let’s make 2018 safer for all women!